Frequently asked questions

What does a tattoo cost?


It's a hard question. What does a car cost? ;)

From August 2018, I will have the following prices:


 All-day session: 5000 SEK (from approx. 9am-17pm including lunch and snack breaks)

Half-day session: 3000 SEK (from 9am-12:30pm or from 13:30pm to 16:30pm).


The following determines what is needed for your particular tattoo:

* How big the tattoo is

* What kind of motive it is, if it's very detailed, it takes longer (even longer if something has to be exactly like an image, for example, in portraits).

* If the subject is in grayscale or color

* Placement (some places, especially where the skin is very flexible like the stomach and ribs, it may take a little longer)

* Skin types, a tattoo that takes 2h on one person can take 4h on another.


If you want to know the estimated time for your desired tattoo, fill out the booking form found under "booking" in the menu. (You will not commit to the tattoo until you approve a date for the booking)

How can I pay?

With credit card or Swish. Cash is ok as well but preferably with an even sum.


Can I pay via invoice payment?



Do you tattoo portraits?

I have made many dog ​​portraits, and very few portraits of people. I tattoo it, but prefer motives that give me more creative freedom 


Do you do piercings?

Yes! Finally at Black Raven. In the fall of 2020 we will start collaborating with a piercing artist and can thus offer it. Read more under "piercing" in the menu.


Do you tattoo people under 18 years?

No. No exceptions.   


If I do a big tattoo, do I pay at the last session or after each session?

After each session.


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