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Frequently asked questions

How much does a tattoo cost?

It's a hard question. What does a car cost? ;)

But this is what the price picture looks like for me:


Full-day sitting: SEK 5,000

From 09-16: 00 including 1h lunch and stretching legs breaks

If the tattoo is not finished by 4 pm, we will continue another day. Alternatively, we agree to continue until the tattoo is finished if it does not take too long. Then the remaining time costs SEK 1000 / h.

Half-day sitting: SEK 3,000

From 09-11: 30 or from 13: 30-16: 00

Hourly rate: 1500kr


Minimum price: 1000kr

The following determines how long it takes and thus the cost of your particular wishes:

* How big the tattoo is

* What kind of subject it is, if there are a lot of details it takes longer (even longer if it is something that must be exactly like a picture, for example in portraits).

* If the subject is in grayscale or color

* Placement (some places, especially where the skin is very flexible as with the stomach and ribs, it can take a little longer)

* Skin types, a motif that takes 2h on one person can take 4h on another.


If you want to know the estimated time for your desired motif, fill in the booking form under "booking" in the menu .. (You do not commit to anything until you have approved a date for the tattoo)


How can I pay?

With card or swish. We have stopped receiving cash as it involves a lot of work and fees.


Can I pay in installments / payment by invoice?



Do you do portraits?

I have done many dog ​​portraits, and very few portraits of people. I tattoo it, but prefer motifs that give me a little more space to be creative. :)


Do you have a piercing?

Yes! Finally at Black Raven. In the autumn of 2020, we will start collaborating with a piercare and can thus offer it. Read more under "piercing" in the menu.


Do you tattoo people under 18?

No. No exceptions.


If I do a big tattoo, do I pay at the last session or after each session?

After each session.


How does the actual tattooing process work at Black Raven Gallery?

When you have sent a booking request via the form, I (Rebecka) will contact you with a suggestion for a date for the tattoo. If it is a large tattoo that takes several sessions to make, you can choose whether you want to book several times directly or one at a time. If you want a price estimate, be sure to include as much information as you can already at the first contact. You may need to supplement with more information to get an estimate, but it is faster for you to get an answer if you sent with detailed information and links to any reference images.

- Here you can choose whether you want to book an appointment for a tattoo or just a consultation. Consultation is free of charge and can be obtained either digitally or on site -

When your time is approaching, you will receive a design proposal sent via email (unless it is something small that does not need me to redraw / draw it, eg text or symbols). I normally send the design proposal a couple of days -1v before your time. If there is something you want to change, we will arrange it in advance, if there are small changes, they can be made on site together.

- Here you start paying for your tattoo -

When you then arrive at the studio at the booked time, you have to sit down and wait a while while I prepare the workstation and the stencil for your tattoo. It takes about 30 minutes.


After that, we start. The first thing that happens is that your skin is prepared for tattooing. If we are going to tattoo in a location where there is a lot of hair, it will be easier if you shaved the area yourself first. It is not included in the price so you can even save a penny or two if you do it yourself;)


Then the stencil is placed out. It may need to be replaced at some point for it to be good. It is more difficult if it is to cover an old tattoo or fit in with something that is already in place. It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1h depending on whether it needs to be changed in size, location or the like.

When we are both happy with the placement of the stencil, I start tattooing. Depending on the size of the tattoo, we have a few leg stretch breaks and a lunch break of 1 hour.

When the tattoo is finished, you will see how it turned out in a mirror and I will take some photos of the result. Note that if I do not take photos of your tattoo, it does not mean that I am dissatisfied, it may be that it is very small or simple so it is not something I share on my social media or it is a multi-seat tattoo and then take photos I usually do it when it's done.

Finally, you get a "bandage plastic" over your tattoo that you should have left for 12-24h. I clean the workplace and you pay. If this is the first time you have a tattoo with me, you will receive a note with care advice (care advice can be read here on the website as well).

Did you not get an answer to your question? Ask your question below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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