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Piercing information

Louise Viksten
35 years old lives in Bastuträsk
Trained in Body piercing 2018
Started my studio in Norsjö at salon Saxess where I also work with eyebrows and lashes.


In addition, I also work as a personal assistant and have a burning interest in all kinds of animals and of course my children


Due to personal reasons, Louise has chosen to pause her business and will not respond to new requests, indefinitely.


I hope it does not take too long before you can find her in the gallery again. But for now, she wants to thank all the customers who came to her at Black Raven Gallery. We wish her all the best!


Conditions for being pierced at Louise's


If you want to cancel an appointment, this must be done no later than 24 hours before the booked time, if no cancellation takes place, the customer will be charged half the amount of what your visit would have cost (the price of the booked piercing)


· You must not have any contagious blood or skin disease


· You must not be pregnant

· You must inform me if you are taking blood-thinning medicine

· You must report any allergies that may affect the piercing and its healing

· You must not consume alcohol 24 hours before the piercing

· You must not have had a general deterioration in the last 24 hours before the piercing (eg: fever)

· You must be aware of the risks involved with a piercing.


· When the piercing is then finished, it is up to you to follow the care instructions and protect your piercing against any infections.

Age limits

Ordinary holes in the earlobe (standard lobe) have no age limit with the parent's company as long as the customer himself wants, I will not take the hole if the customer himself is unsure of this.


Dermal ancor (implant) 18-year age limit. Identification required.

Other piercings 15-year limit with the guardian's company, valid identification is required for both the customer and his guardian


To think about before your booked time


It is important that you have eaten something in the last 4 hours before to reduce the risk of blood sugar drops and fainting.


Should you pierce yourself and then cover it with some clothing, think of not wearing too tight clothes as the piercing is sore and needs to breathe.


Bring identification if you need to confirm your age.


Feel free to consult a doctor before you come if you are taking any medicine or have any disease.


I accept payment via swish or cash.



Spread of infection


By law, you have a duty to report to me as a piercer if you have infectious skin or blood diseases.


I only use disposable needles, pliers, pads and gloves when I pierce.

Only use my own sterilized titanium jewelry when making holes for the safest possible healing.


Care instructions


In order for you to get the best possible results, it is important that you follow the care instructions:


  • No alcohol intake 24 hours before or after piercing

  • Never touch the piercing without washing your hands first

  • Wash with eg saline solution morning and evening

  • Soak to loosen any crusts, do not poke them away.

  • Avoid bathing and bathing for the first two weeks

  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

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