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To confirm your booking, read the terms and conditions below and fill in the form.
Thanks! See you at Järnvägsallén 6 in Vindeln. 

Conditions for getting tattooed at Black Raven Gallery:

• If you want to cancel an appointment, you must contact us no later than 5 working days before the booked date. I charge a fee for all late cancellations. If a cancellation comes later than 5 working days before

booked appointment, an invoice of SEK 500 is sent to the person who booked the appointment. This is to cover a small part of the loss of income for me when a customer does not show up. This also applies to those who become ill or for other reasons are unable to come.

• To get a tattoo at Black Raven, you must be 18 years old or older

• You must not have any infectious blood or skin diseases

• You must not breastfeed or be pregnant

• You must let me know if you have a skin or blood disease that could affect the tattoo

results/healing (e.g. Psoreisis)

• You must tell me if you are on blood-thinning medication

• You must let me know if you have any allergies that could affect the tattoo's results/healing

(e.g. allergy to certain dyes/tattoo inks/latex/stencil fluid/vaseline etc.)

• You may not drink alcohol 24 hours before your tattoo appointment

• You must be aware of the risk of a tattoo. Getting a tattoo always involves a health risk then

the body's own protection in the form of skin is punctured. With me, the tattooing process is handled so you as a customer can feel safe and certain that there is a minimized risk when tattooing. When the tattoo is finished, it is up to you to follow the care instructions and protect the tattoo against, for example, infections.

• In case of illness: If you are ill, call +46(0)705217001 as soon as you can. If you don't get an answer, send a text so I can see it. Do not email on the same day - there is a risk that I will not have time to see your email about your cancellation in time!

Keep in mind that if you feel unwell, it may be more difficult to manage the pain, the healing process may also be longer as the body is already dealing with a cold. If you are very ill, the risk of infection may be higher. Therefore, it is best to wait. Call me and we'll discuss it.

• By agreeing to these terms, you also agree to the colors I use in my studio. These can be read about via the following link: Tattoo inks

Thank you for confirming your booking

Contact information: 

Black Raven Gallery

Järnvägsallén 6 

92232 Vindeln, Västerbotten, Sweden

+46 70 521 70 01

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